Proposed two-day tour of Acre and the Western Galilee

Proposed two-day tour of Acre and the Western Galilee

Day 1

8am   - Departure from Tel Aviv
10am   - Arrival to the Visitors Center in the Festival Gardens
10am-10:15am    - Screening of a short film (8 min) on Acre
Guided tour of the sites
  1. The Museum of Heroism – the scaffold room, the cells of the prisoners sentenced to death and the commemoration rooms.
  2. The Hospitaller Fortress (The Knights' Halls)
  3. The Turkish bath – The Story of the Last Bath Attendant
  4. The Avshalom Okashi Museum of Modern Art
  5. The Ramchal Synagogue (an ancient synagogue in the Old City)
  6. A tour of the Templars' Tunnel – an underground tour of Acre from East to West with a wooden walkway over flowing water and a multimedia display screened on the walls.  
1:30pm-2:30pm   - A 30-minute cruise around the walls on the "Queen Acre" tour ship along the "in the wake of Paul" naval route
2:40pm-3:30pm   Lunch in one of the Old City's restaurants
- Visit to the Ethnography Museum, which houses a collection of exhibits depicting day-to-day life in 17th century Galilee. The 
Museum features a reconstruction of old craft workshops of the period.


- Visit to the Tunisian "Or Torah" Synagogue
Tour of the "Or Torah" Synagogue, also known as the "Jariva" (the wonderful foreigner) after the elegant synagogue on the island of Jariva in Tunisia, which was built more than 2400 years ago. The site boasts four floors of mosaics depicting the story of the Jewish people and its wanderings across the generations.
6pm   - Arrival to one of Acre's hotels

Day 2

9am-10:30am    - Visit to Acre's Museum of the Underground Prisoners
11am-12pm   - Visit to the breathtakingly beautiful Baha'i Gardens, the most sacred site for the Bahá'is and the burial place of Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i faith
12pm-2pm   - Visit to the Ghetto Fighters' museum – "From Holocaust to Revival'' Museum
2pm-3pm   - Lunch
3pm-5pm   - Visit to the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra


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