The Or Torah –

The Or Torah – "Jariva" – (Tunisian) Synagogue, Acre

One of the world's most breathtaking tourist sites.

The Tunisian Synagogue in Acre – known as the "Jariva" is the only one of its kind in the world. It is literally covered in mosaics – both inside and out. Each of its 4 floors proudly displays spectacular mosaics (from Kibbutz Eilon) – the outcome of 54 years of work. The Synagogue boasts 7 Torah arks and houses hundreds of millions of natural stones from all over Israel.

The mosaics and stained-glass windows depict the history of the Jewish people and of the Land of Israel through Bible stories, flora and fauna, IDF corps and more.

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Visits to the synagogue must be scheduled in advance.

The Or Torah – "Jariva" – (Tunisian) Synagogue, Acre Center, 13 Kaplan St.
(at the entrance to the city next to the courthouse)

Synagogue telephone number: +972-4-9818451
Synagogue Treasurer Zion Badash's telephone number: +972-4-9915979