The Ottoman-Crusader Route

The Ottoman-Crusader Route

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The Acre Fortress is the most prominent building in Old Acre's landscape next to Al-Jazzar Mosque. It is Old Acre's largest building and Acre's most important structure from a historical and tourism perspective.
Here you will see the complete and most impressive remains of a Crusader fortress built by the Hospitaller Order of Knights in the 12th and 13th centuries as well as an Ottoman fortress dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, which – in its heyday – was the largest and most important fortress of the Ottoman regime in Israel and it was preserved in its entirety.
The basement and ground floors, as well as a few portions of the second floor are what remain of the Crusader fortress. The Ottoman fortress has remained intact.
In the wake of the archeological excavations and thanks to the restoration works done in the fortress, most of the site is open to the public (except for part of the west wing, which is under the Shazalia Mosque and  another few sections which are in the process of being renovated and will open at a later date).

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